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Lo Dev Alm >> MAX/MSP >> Bender (Julia Kent)

This patch creates a fade-in when using the "overdub" function in Sooperlooper, to minimize the possibility of extraneous clicks when going in and out of overdub mode. Both input gain and time parameters are adjustable, and the patch works simultaneously with up to four separate loops.
Julia Kent uses Sooperlooper as an AU within Ableton Live on a Mac laptop for live multi-tracked cello performances, controlling it via the Softstep midi controller.
She has released three CDs as a solo artist, and has performed live throughout Europe and North America. Further information at: http://www.juliakent.com

Sooperlooper website:

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In order to run the patches you need MAX/MSP.
Yuo can purchase a copy of it or you can download the free version, called MAX/MSP runtime.

You can find info abouth this tool here:

Also, you can download a free trial or the runtimes here: