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Lo Dev Alm >> MAX/MSP >> Hipno Synth

Not very intresting "composition": the video shows some presets and manually I turn up and down the volume...

I'm using this patch to create samples for my new release.


Two synthesis "pipelines" made up by a triangular wave and a stutter filter.

The difference between the two lines is that in the first stutter the playback signal is feeded by a noise generator and in the second by a saw wave.

On the right side there is a step sequencer that send notes to the two tri generators.

On the bottom there is a preset to store 8 different sets.

Take a look at the "saveops" patch that is a way to store the settings of the patch, to find them when you reopen the patch.



In order to run the patches you need MAX/MSP.
Yuo can purchase a copy of it or you can download the free version, called MAX/MSP runtime.

You can find info abouth this tool here:

Also, you can download a free trial or the runtimes here: